AEcol have a long and happy history of working with the Minerals Industry. For over a decade we have served a wide-ranging client base, and have provided specialist ecological input for a multitude of planning applications across the British Isles.

 AEcol Quarrying - Serving the modern minerals industry

We've made it our business to understand your business and your industry. In addition, we have made it a priority to cultivate and maintain an excellent raport with Local Authority Ecologists and Mineral Planners to ensure that problems are anticipated and conflicts do not arise.

We have developed a widely respected Predictive Ecological Assessment System for the interpretation of Phase 1 survey data in order to provide quarry companies with a reasoned assessment of the biodiversity interest potentially present on any site. This system ensures we use only relevant survey methods for exactly the right species and thereby satisfy British Standard BS42020 - Biodiversity Code of Practice for Planning and Development at all stages of your project, saving us all time, and you money.

In our decade of involvement with quarrying we've surveyed sites up to and exceeding 100 ha in surface area. We've designed evidence-based specialist strategies to deal with the rarest habitats and species in order to secure planning permission. We've worked with independent Planners and quarry staff to provide realistic ecological input into Reviews of Mineral Planning Permissions. This has resulted in tangible biodiversity gain, giving them some excellent PR without negatively impacting upon the day to day running of the quarry. Yet we've still found time to provide a call-out service for unforseen issues, including great crested newts in lagoons, sumps and landfill, badgers in topsoil bunds, under haul roads and railway lines, and even bats in the crew-room roof! In all cases we were there as soon as we could be (even at weekends) in order to provide sensible advice in a calm manner. We are proud to say that we have never lost a client.

We're PICS audited and have an exemplary H&S record. We produce our own site and task-specific Risk Assessment for each job, and provide the Quarry Manager with a copy upon arrival at the site. We always adhere to all company and site rules and our survey teams have outdoor first-aid training, in order to conform to our own high H&S standards.

So if you're looking for an unrivalled depth of knowledge and breadth of experience, coupled with a friendly service delivered by human beings like yourself, then look no further; call us on 01278 429290 or email