The sett is carpeted in steel mesh and one-way gates deployed in each entrance.The gates are left open for three nights.Sand-pads are smoothed inside the entrances to see if badgers are using the holes.AEcol Ecologist Louis Pearson surveys his handywork.The gates are closed and left for 21 nights before the sett is declared clear.

Minerals - Badger sett closure

Freemans Quarry, Bristol, North Somerset


In order to implement Mineral Planning Consents at CEMEX UK Operations Ltd’s Freemans Quarry it was necessary to exclude badgers from a seasonally occupied subsidiary sett.


In order to ensure the true status of badgers was ascertained, AEcol performed detailed surveys of the badger sett, including assessments of other setts in the wider locale.

Having gathered sufficient data to inform a reasoned appraisal, we concluded the sett was a seasonally occupied ‘subsidiary sett’.

As badgers and their occupied setts are legally protected, we sought and were granted a licence from Natural England to legally close the sett.

In order to cause the badgers the least amount of distress, CEMEX timed the sett closure to coincide with the period when the badgers were least likely to be present.

AEcol then performed the closure using accepted best-practice methods and equipment, comprising vegetation reduction, partially buried and pegged chain-link mesh and steel ‘one-way’ badger gates.


The sett is now closed and soil stripping will be allowed to continue without out delay.

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