Botanical – including Phase 1, National Vegetation Classification (NVC) & Bryophyte (mosses and liverworts);

Invertebrates – comprising both terrestrial and aquatic, including white-clawed crayfish and fairy shrimp;

Amphibians – including great crested newts and Natterjack toad;

Reptile survey – including sand lizard and smooth snake)

Birds – comprising Breeding Bird Survey (BBS), Common Bird Census (CBC), Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) and species-specific survey (e.g. nightjar, barn owl and peregrine etc.);

Mammals – including dormice, water voles, otters and badgers; and

Bat survey – comprising roost survey (including climb and inspect surveys), building inspections, subterranean survey (including mines, natural cave systems and man-made installations) and activity surveys (including transect survey, passive monitoring and both capture and radio-tracking (the latter performed by specialist teams under sub-contract).