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Planning Ecology

Planning Ecology

AEcol have a comprehensive understanding of our role in the mineral and waste planning process and offer ecological advice in all aspects of Mineral and Waste Planning to Quarry Companies and Environmental Consulting Companies. In over a decade of service, we have provided ecological planning advice in respect of stone quarries, sand, gravel and clay pits, oil-fields and even decommissioned mines. We’ve produced Ecological Impact Assessments for projects ranging from a handful of hectares to well over a hundred in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and even the Republic of Ireland.

We’ve worked with the clients own in-house teams to find solutions to seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to secure planning permission. However, we’re equally happy to work with other ecological consulting firms and environmental consulting companies, to produce a high-quality submission with which everyone involved can feel justifiably proud, and every time the result has been positive. And we don’t rest on our laurels; if a project throws up a question for which we weren’t absolutely confident we have an answer, we will either forgo our profits and spend the money on gaining the legal review or expert opinion that will robustly answer the question, or we stand-aside and direct the client to a team who are better qualified in the context of that project.


AEcol have a long history of assisting in the design of restoration proposals.

Experience has taught us that passive input in the form of a review and informal recommendations are more helpful than us leading quarry staff. This is because there is often an element of diplomacy required when mineral is to be extracted under licence to a third-party landowner.

We therefore set out which habitats are required in order to satisfy planning policy, and what the extent of those habitats will ideally be. Our clients can then produce their concept restoration proposal in terms of landform etc., taking into account the likely post-development land-use. Having done so, we review what is desired and make small ‘tweaks’ to the species mixes and proposed management within the aftercare to ensure that the maximum biodiversity gains are made within the confines of the scheme.

This approach has been found to be successful in reconciling the profit margins anticipated (i.e. we don’t recommend anything wildly expensive), the reality on the ground (i.e. we don’t recommend anything that won’t actually grow), with the needs of the landowner (i.e. we won’t recommend something that cannot be managed within a wider landholding), whilst ensuring national and local planning policy in respect of biodiversity is satisfied.

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