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AEcol have a comprehensive understanding of our role in the mineral and waste planning process and offer ecological advice in all aspects of Mineral and Waste Planning to Quarry Companies and Environmental Consulting Companies. In over a decade of service, we have provided ecological planning advice in respect of stone quarries, sand, gravel and clay pits, oil-fields and even decommissioned mines. We’ve produced Ecological Impact Assessments for projects ranging from a handful of hectares to well over a hundred in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and even the Republic of Ireland.

Pre-Demolition Due Diligence

In order to demonstrate safeguard against the potential that an offence might be committed in respect of legally protected species, we offer a sensible ‘Pre-demolition Protected Species Appraisal’ service.

This survey is basically an ecological risk assessment, that not only identifies what legally protected species may be present, but gives practical advice as to how any of the species found may be managed in order to achieve the demolition without any risk of a negative effect upon legally protected wildlife or penalties to quarry staff.

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