Where a mammal survey is warranted, AEcol offer competence in the survey of all species, using appropriate methods, such as:

Dormouse survey:
– Nest-tubes
– Natural nest-site search and status assessment and
– Nut search
Badger survey:
– Sett search and status assessment
– Field-sign survey
Water vole survey:
– Burrow-search and status assessment
– Field-sign survey
Otter survey:
– Holt-search and status assessment
– Field-sign survey
Bat survey:
– Roost search and status assessment, including cliffs, caves and adits (using IRATA certified access as appropriate), trees (using CS38 certified access as appropriate) and built structures;
– Commuting/migration route status assessment and survey
– Foraging habitat status assessment and survey

However, our competence doesn’t end with surveillance alone. We have also designed and implemented a wide range of strategies for the management of legally protected mammals both pre-development and during quarry operations. AEcol see out role as facilitation, and we have a wide range of experience of crisis management. As a result, we can offer sensible, practical advice when legally protected mammals are unexpectedly discovered within operational areas. If required, we can liaise with relevant statutory bodies (such as Natural England) and, having done so, assist the quarry operator to implement a workable solution that removes the potential for legislative conflict with the minimum impact on productivity possible.